We are over the moon excited, overjoyed, and THRILLED to be announcing The Glow Workshop! We have been planning this little love fern of ours since January and TODAY is the day we can both shout it from the rooftops!

AHHHH! We are SO pumped!!!! Can you tell!?

We specifically designed this workshop in a way that we hope will help aspiring photographers get started, or help current photographers further their photography business. We will share our experiences, our testimonies, our mistakes, our triumphs, our Faith, and of course, the ins-and-outs of starting your photography business. We love what we do and we want others to just GO for it and be able to truly enjoy their work as much as we do. Life is much happier and more meaningful when you’re doing what you LOVE! Can you imagine all of the possibilities if you allow yourself the creative freedom to write your story, while at the same time building a successful path to living the absolute best life for yourself? Can you imagine how happy you will be!? :)

Do you love photography? Don’t know where to start? Or…how to start? Do you have a million-bazillion questions? Are you scared? Are you holding back? Are you having a hard time getting your photography business off of the ground? Are you currently doing photography on the side and DREAM of doing it full-time? Do you crave a community of like-minded creative and talented women? Are you wanting to learn more!? Is your passion ignited and are you ready to leap? Do you love pretty things, and building long, lasting, and loving relationships? We are here to talk to you, encourage you, and tell you about our experiences. Trust us! We have a lot to share!

Are you ready to have FUN? Are you ready to be INSPIRED? AND gain a lot of knowledge that we wish we knew when we were starting or growing our photography business?  THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

We hope that by the end of your time with us at THE GLOW WORKSHOP that you will leave with a full & happy heart, a clear, meaningful mindset and a business that will be ready to GLOW.

We would absolutely love nothing more than to have you attend. It would make our hearts so incredibly happy! We look forward to meeting you! :)


Shalyn and Amanda


  1. Hello I’m just want to say that I love y’all work. I live in Fort Worth texas and I love photography and I really would love to start having a little business in the future but I just don’t know how to start. I already take photos with my iPhone and edit them and post them on Instagram but that is nothing near the great work of a photographer and i really want to know how can I start? What camera do I buy? What editing programs do I need?

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