As promised, another sponsor highlight today! Today’s highlight is a super talented lady who just so happens to be sharing her talent with us on the day of the workshop!! Tracy is doing all the hair and make-up for our models for the styled shoot portion of the workshop! We have a beautiful theme for the shoot, and with her help she’s giving the look that extra dash of sparkle and pretty!! We are so thankful for you Tracy! Scroll down to learn more about one of our favorite GLOW gals!

Name:  Tracy Melton

Business name:  Tracy Melton Artistry

Website/social media handleswww.tracymeltonartistry.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tracymeltonartistry
Instagram: @tracymeltonartistry

What is your advice for starting your own business? With starting a new business there is a learning curve. Be patient, be smart, and be all about whatever your company is.  If you believe it and you love it, others will too, and success will follow!

What inspires your work the most? For Hair + Makeup, I draw most of my inspiration from fashion, current trends, celebrities, etc. but my clients also inspire me, big time! There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up after a session with me, and that spurt of confidence that suddenly exudes from them. I just love it, nothing beats it!

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business): Personally, I’d love to make more time to travel with my husband and learn to be a better cook.  For my business, I’d like to eventually grow to have a small elite team who loves the hair & makeup world just as much as I do.

Your favorite song to bust a move to?  Anything that’s a top hit, you can probably catch me car dancing to!

Three items you can’t live without: My Husband, Hairspray, & Mascara

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