You guys. Glow is ONE WEEK AWAY!!! Can’t even WAIT! We are getting so excited to hug all of your necks and talk shop from 9am-6pm. Talk about a fun time. Pumped!!

Our exciting day one week away wouldn’t be possible without this lady for sure. She is providing some serious talent for you all to enjoy (but we can’t go into detail as we want you to be surprised!) at The Prairie. Meet the extra fabulous Lauren Essl! Get ready to see all of your names individually written in beautiful calligraphy type by this lovely lady below. Enjoy getting to know more about her, we think you’ll love her as much as we do! Happy Monday and let the Glow countdown begin!!

Name: Lauren Essl

Business Name: Blue Eye Brown Eye

Website/social media handles: Instagram: @laurenessl // www.blueeyebrowneye.com // www.facebook.com/blueeyebrowneye
What is your advice for starting your own business? Just start! Diving in and giving it your whole heart can never fail you. I think the first thing to do is say you’re in business. Announce it. Let it be known. Once you’ve made that leap, the rest will follow with hard work, passion, and dedication.
What inspires your work the most? Color, creativity, happy vibes, pattern, beautiful type.
What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business) Work/life balance. I think this applies to both my personal and business life. I find myself often in this dark hole of work where three months go by and I’ve neglected those that mean the most to me. I’ve started making plans with girlfriends and family a month out, and no matter how busy I am or the deadlines looming, I try my very best to keep those plans. I’ve found it’s so good for my soul and sanity!
Your favorite song to bust a move to? In no particular order: Baby by Justin Bieber, Gold Digger by Kanye, and Shake Your Tailfeather
Three items you can’t live without: Olive, Matilda, and Millicent (my three dogs)! If those don’t count as items, I’d say my iPhone, Netflix, and my planner (yes, I keep everything HAND WRITTEN…probs a bad thing)

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