Long gone are the days of boring black camera straps. Hello… girls are photographers too, and we like to shoot in style! But really, we are HUGE fans of Bloom Theory camera straps, and we are over the moon to have them sponsors at Glow!! Thank you so much Vania and Christine! We are thankful and honored you are on board with this exciting day!


Name: Vania Morris and Christine Sandrock

Business name: Bloom Theory

Website/social media handles: http://bloomtheorystraps.com/ // https://www.facebook.com/BloomTheory // https://twitter.com/bloom_theory // Bloom Theory (Instagram)

What is your advice for starting your own business? No idea is too big or small as long as you have the passion to peruse it Another one would be stick to what you know—if you are not a graphic designer do not try to build your brand’s appearance- we believe in hiring experts!

What inspires your work the most? Probably our European nationalities and each other. We brainstorm really thoroughly together!

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business): Right now we are planning to release photo workshops again as well as crafting a new design for our straps that will revolutionize the look of camera straps! ;)

Your favorite song to bust a move to? A Kesha song can always do that to me

Three items you can’t live without : Our babies, Instagram (not truly an item but still!), and our cameras of course!

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