Meet beautiful Michelle. So that we don’t have to worry about documenting the day, Michelle will be photographing the workshop for us so we can concentrate solely on teaching, connecting with you lovely ladies who are attending the workshop, and all around soaking up the day as it unfolds.

We couldn’t be more thankful Michelle is joining us on Monday. Michelle may just throw in some advice or two! Q + A time of the workshop anyone?? Get ready. Get excited. IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!

Name: Michelle Boyd

Business name: Michelle Boyd Photography

Website/social media handles:
Blog: www.michelleboydphotography.com/blog
Facebook: www.facebook.com/michelleboydphotography
Instagram: @michelleboyd
Pinterest: michelleboyd

What is your advice for starting your own business?
Give yourself grace, and do everything in love. Figure out what fires you up and go from there. Serve your clients and treat them with more than the utmost respect- seek to strive for, to give, and to achieve excellence for your clients in everything you do. Oh and systematize, systematize, SYSTEMATIZE!!!
What inspires your work the most?
Dreamy light, special moments, and couples madly in love. I’m falling more in love with film photography every day!

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business)
Personally, to live my life with excellence according to the wonderful grace of God, knowing Him more and more each day. My biggest business goal is to fully switch to film (weddings and all) by 2015!

Your favorite song to bust a move to?
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Three items you can’t live without:
Bible, Wunderlist, Puppy Snuggles, and husband kisses! (Couldn’t narrow it down further)

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