With the workshop only 12 days away (can’t believe that! It seems like yesterday I first met Shalyn back in January and we had this small seed of an idea planted in our head. Feeling overwhelmingly grateful to see how this seed has grown!) we wanted to share some of the amazing sponsors and vendors who are making this day possible! We look up to our first sponsor highlight in many more ways than one. From knowing the Lord and constantly sharing His Word, to sharing business secrets and knowledge with others, this lady MAKES THINGS HAPPEN! Without further ado, I bring you our first sponsor highlight, the incredible Lara Casey! xo- Amanda 

Name: Lara Casey

Business name: Lara Casey Media (houses Southern Weddings magazine, Making Things Happen, and Making Brands Happen)


laracasey.com and southernweddings.com

Twitter: @laracasey @iloveswmag

Instagram: @laraacasey @southernweddings

What is your advice for starting your own business? For business owners at any stage, stick to your CORE. It will guide you and help you make efficient decisions quickly. The goal in growth is not to get “bigger,” it’s to get better. You cannot please everyone. And, if you are doing things right and being very specific to your core, you won’t please everyone. That’s a very good thing. Your goal should be to capture a specific loyal audience, not the masses. We’ve had exponential success by following this model in business. When things get crazy around a launch or magazine release, we are all on the same page because we know exactly what our mission is.

What inspires your work the most?  At Southern Weddings, we’re inspired daily by the culture of this place we call home. There is a certain something about the South that makes me slow down and focus on what matters most — celebrating family and love. That certain something is different for everyone, and that’s what makes the South so sweet to me.

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business)? One of my personal goals this year was to know God more by learning about Him in the Bible and through prayer. I hope to finish reading the Bible by December 2013. In business, I’m writing a book!

Your favorite song to bust a move to? Sweet Home Alabama

Three items you can’t live without: The Bible, my PowerSheets, biscuits. :)