Long gone are the days of boring black camera straps. Hello… girls are photographers too, and we like to shoot in style! But really, we are HUGE fans of Bloom Theory camera straps, and we are over the moon to have them sponsors at Glow!! Thank you so much Vania and Christine! We are thankful and honored you are on board with this exciting day!


Name: Vania Morris and Christine Sandrock

Business name: Bloom Theory

Website/social media handles: http://bloomtheorystraps.com/ // https://www.facebook.com/BloomTheory // https://twitter.com/bloom_theory // Bloom Theory (Instagram)

What is your advice for starting your own business? No idea is too big or small as long as you have the passion to peruse it Another one would be stick to what you know—if you are not a graphic designer do not try to build your brand’s appearance- we believe in hiring experts!

What inspires your work the most? Probably our European nationalities and each other. We brainstorm really thoroughly together!

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business): Right now we are planning to release photo workshops again as well as crafting a new design for our straps that will revolutionize the look of camera straps! ;)

Your favorite song to bust a move to? A Kesha song can always do that to me

Three items you can’t live without : Our babies, Instagram (not truly an item but still!), and our cameras of course!


Meet beautiful Michelle. So that we don’t have to worry about documenting the day, Michelle will be photographing the workshop for us so we can concentrate solely on teaching, connecting with you lovely ladies who are attending the workshop, and all around soaking up the day as it unfolds.

We couldn’t be more thankful Michelle is joining us on Monday. Michelle may just throw in some advice or two! Q + A time of the workshop anyone?? Get ready. Get excited. IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!

Name: Michelle Boyd

Business name: Michelle Boyd Photography

Website/social media handles:
Blog: www.michelleboydphotography.com/blog
Facebook: www.facebook.com/michelleboydphotography
Instagram: @michelleboyd
Pinterest: michelleboyd

What is your advice for starting your own business?
Give yourself grace, and do everything in love. Figure out what fires you up and go from there. Serve your clients and treat them with more than the utmost respect- seek to strive for, to give, and to achieve excellence for your clients in everything you do. Oh and systematize, systematize, SYSTEMATIZE!!!
What inspires your work the most?
Dreamy light, special moments, and couples madly in love. I’m falling more in love with film photography every day!

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business)
Personally, to live my life with excellence according to the wonderful grace of God, knowing Him more and more each day. My biggest business goal is to fully switch to film (weddings and all) by 2015!

Your favorite song to bust a move to?
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Three items you can’t live without:
Bible, Wunderlist, Puppy Snuggles, and husband kisses! (Couldn’t narrow it down further)


You guys. Glow is ONE WEEK AWAY!!! Can’t even WAIT! We are getting so excited to hug all of your necks and talk shop from 9am-6pm. Talk about a fun time. Pumped!!

Our exciting day one week away wouldn’t be possible without this lady for sure. She is providing some serious talent for you all to enjoy (but we can’t go into detail as we want you to be surprised!) at The Prairie. Meet the extra fabulous Lauren Essl! Get ready to see all of your names individually written in beautiful calligraphy type by this lovely lady below. Enjoy getting to know more about her, we think you’ll love her as much as we do! Happy Monday and let the Glow countdown begin!!

Name: Lauren Essl

Business Name: Blue Eye Brown Eye

Website/social media handles: Instagram: @laurenessl // www.blueeyebrowneye.com // www.facebook.com/blueeyebrowneye
What is your advice for starting your own business? Just start! Diving in and giving it your whole heart can never fail you. I think the first thing to do is say you’re in business. Announce it. Let it be known. Once you’ve made that leap, the rest will follow with hard work, passion, and dedication.
What inspires your work the most? Color, creativity, happy vibes, pattern, beautiful type.
What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business) Work/life balance. I think this applies to both my personal and business life. I find myself often in this dark hole of work where three months go by and I’ve neglected those that mean the most to me. I’ve started making plans with girlfriends and family a month out, and no matter how busy I am or the deadlines looming, I try my very best to keep those plans. I’ve found it’s so good for my soul and sanity!
Your favorite song to bust a move to? In no particular order: Baby by Justin Bieber, Gold Digger by Kanye, and Shake Your Tailfeather
Three items you can’t live without: Olive, Matilda, and Millicent (my three dogs)! If those don’t count as items, I’d say my iPhone, Netflix, and my planner (yes, I keep everything HAND WRITTEN…probs a bad thing)


As promised, another sponsor highlight today! Today’s highlight is a super talented lady who just so happens to be sharing her talent with us on the day of the workshop!! Tracy is doing all the hair and make-up for our models for the styled shoot portion of the workshop! We have a beautiful theme for the shoot, and with her help she’s giving the look that extra dash of sparkle and pretty!! We are so thankful for you Tracy! Scroll down to learn more about one of our favorite GLOW gals!

Name:  Tracy Melton

Business name:  Tracy Melton Artistry

Website/social media handleswww.tracymeltonartistry.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tracymeltonartistry
Instagram: @tracymeltonartistry

What is your advice for starting your own business? With starting a new business there is a learning curve. Be patient, be smart, and be all about whatever your company is.  If you believe it and you love it, others will too, and success will follow!

What inspires your work the most? For Hair + Makeup, I draw most of my inspiration from fashion, current trends, celebrities, etc. but my clients also inspire me, big time! There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up after a session with me, and that spurt of confidence that suddenly exudes from them. I just love it, nothing beats it!

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business): Personally, I’d love to make more time to travel with my husband and learn to be a better cook.  For my business, I’d like to eventually grow to have a small elite team who loves the hair & makeup world just as much as I do.

Your favorite song to bust a move to?  Anything that’s a top hit, you can probably catch me car dancing to!

Three items you can’t live without: My Husband, Hairspray, & Mascara


With the workshop only 12 days away (can’t believe that! It seems like yesterday I first met Shalyn back in January and we had this small seed of an idea planted in our head. Feeling overwhelmingly grateful to see how this seed has grown!) we wanted to share some of the amazing sponsors and vendors who are making this day possible! We look up to our first sponsor highlight in many more ways than one. From knowing the Lord and constantly sharing His Word, to sharing business secrets and knowledge with others, this lady MAKES THINGS HAPPEN! Without further ado, I bring you our first sponsor highlight, the incredible Lara Casey! xo- Amanda 

Name: Lara Casey

Business name: Lara Casey Media (houses Southern Weddings magazine, Making Things Happen, and Making Brands Happen)


laracasey.com and southernweddings.com

Twitter: @laracasey @iloveswmag

Instagram: @laraacasey @southernweddings

What is your advice for starting your own business? For business owners at any stage, stick to your CORE. It will guide you and help you make efficient decisions quickly. The goal in growth is not to get “bigger,” it’s to get better. You cannot please everyone. And, if you are doing things right and being very specific to your core, you won’t please everyone. That’s a very good thing. Your goal should be to capture a specific loyal audience, not the masses. We’ve had exponential success by following this model in business. When things get crazy around a launch or magazine release, we are all on the same page because we know exactly what our mission is.

What inspires your work the most?  At Southern Weddings, we’re inspired daily by the culture of this place we call home. There is a certain something about the South that makes me slow down and focus on what matters most — celebrating family and love. That certain something is different for everyone, and that’s what makes the South so sweet to me.

What’s the biggest goal you have for yourself (personal and business)? One of my personal goals this year was to know God more by learning about Him in the Bible and through prayer. I hope to finish reading the Bible by December 2013. In business, I’m writing a book!

Your favorite song to bust a move to? Sweet Home Alabama

Three items you can’t live without: The Bible, my PowerSheets, biscuits. :)

Hello! Hello! Hello!


Hi y’all!

Shalyn here! I just wanted to pop in over here to say HELLO and to just express HOW EXCITED AMANDA AND I ARE ABOUT THE GLOW WORKSHOP! When we launched almost a month ago, we both had butterflies in our stomachs and sat in anticipation to see what everyone thought. The love and support we have been shown has just been incredible. We can’t thank y’all enough for the sweet messages, comments, e-mails, texts, phone calls, and LETTERS… you name it. They have just meant the world! We have also already had some AMAZINGGG ladies sign up to attend, and we have so many sweet girls e-mailing us telling us they WANT to attend! I can’t even begin to describe how full my heart is right now and how big the smile is on my face! :)

We do want to announce that we only have EIGHT more seats available to this workshop and spots are going pretty quickly! We want to keep this workshop intimate so we can spend more time with each attendee, and make it more about quality instead of quantity.  If you are interested in attending (fingers crossed), PLEASE don’t wait too long or you might miss your chance! :( The last day to sign up is October 11th (to avoid any late fees anyway), so if you are contemplating, on the edge, have questions, concerns, etc…PLEASE don’t hesitate to e-mail us! We will be so happy to answer any questions you may have! :)

That said, Amanda is coming to visit me in Austin NEXT WEEK! :) Luckily for her, I have ALREADY washed her sheets, and have started the prep in the guest room! (Two pats on the back for not waiting until the last minute! *pat, pat*) We will be brainstorming our styled shoot for the workshop, and we will be gathering inspiration and information that we want to share with all of you! I am typing this so fast right now too because I am SO pumped!!! YAYAYAY!

IS ANYONE ATTENDING THE TEXAS STYLE COUNCIL NEXT WEEK!? If so, leave a comment! We will both be attending and would LOVE to meet you!

Also, be sure to check back here more often ( COMING SOON!) because we will be blogging regularly starting August 13th sharing information, insight, inspiration, sneak peeks of the things we are working on for the workshop, attendee interviews, sponsor interviews, GIVEAWAYSSSS…you name it! :) It’s going to be so much fun! We hope you will join us! :)

Until then, I hope you have an amazing weekend lovelies!!!

Big Hugs,




We are over the moon excited, overjoyed, and THRILLED to be announcing The Glow Workshop! We have been planning this little love fern of ours since January and TODAY is the day we can both shout it from the rooftops!

AHHHH! We are SO pumped!!!! Can you tell!?

We specifically designed this workshop in a way that we hope will help aspiring photographers get started, or help current photographers further their photography business. We will share our experiences, our testimonies, our mistakes, our triumphs, our Faith, and of course, the ins-and-outs of starting your photography business. We love what we do and we want others to just GO for it and be able to truly enjoy their work as much as we do. Life is much happier and more meaningful when you’re doing what you LOVE! Can you imagine all of the possibilities if you allow yourself the creative freedom to write your story, while at the same time building a successful path to living the absolute best life for yourself? Can you imagine how happy you will be!? :)

Do you love photography? Don’t know where to start? Or…how to start? Do you have a million-bazillion questions? Are you scared? Are you holding back? Are you having a hard time getting your photography business off of the ground? Are you currently doing photography on the side and DREAM of doing it full-time? Do you crave a community of like-minded creative and talented women? Are you wanting to learn more!? Is your passion ignited and are you ready to leap? Do you love pretty things, and building long, lasting, and loving relationships? We are here to talk to you, encourage you, and tell you about our experiences. Trust us! We have a lot to share!

Are you ready to have FUN? Are you ready to be INSPIRED? AND gain a lot of knowledge that we wish we knew when we were starting or growing our photography business?  THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

We hope that by the end of your time with us at THE GLOW WORKSHOP that you will leave with a full & happy heart, a clear, meaningful mindset and a business that will be ready to GLOW.

We would absolutely love nothing more than to have you attend. It would make our hearts so incredibly happy! We look forward to meeting you! :)


Shalyn and Amanda